Notary Oath

To file as a notary, you must:

  • 2 Notary Public Oaths and Certificates of Filing - Check that the “Must be Filed by date” on the Oath has not passed (second line on document). If date has passed, we cannot proceed, and you will need to return with valid documents. County of Registration must be Santa Cruz*.
  • Notary Public Bond. We will check the Attorney in Fact on the bond and be sure we have the name on file. Bond amount should be for the sum of $15,000.
  • Notary Public Commission with seal (or copy of the document). We will check the Notary Commission to be sure that the name and Commission number match the Oath.
  • We will check the your ID, such as your driver's license, make a copy and return it to you.
  • Payment in the amount of $38, cash or check, must be filed with the bond.
  • Swear in Notary – You will be instructed to sign both Oaths and write your phone number on one of them. You will also be required to sign the bond.
  • We will make a copy of bond and cover sheet.
  • We will then take you to the Recorder’s Office, room 230, with your original bond and cover sheet. We will give the Recorder the original bond and cover sheet. The Recorder will record bond. Yo will need to make separate payment to the Recorder.
  • If the Recorder’s office is closed, we can take the bond and payment from you. Payment is by check. $14 for first page, $3 for each subsequent page.
  • We will deliver to Recorder when the office opens.
  • Any documents submitted to the Recorder after 3pm will be recorded the following business day.

Note:  If you are simply changing your name, a bond still must be presented for filing and recording, along with the new oaths. If no bond is presented, then the oaths cannot be filed.